I offer a number of groups/workshops dedicated to working with different aspects of the body/soma, conscious embodiment and the cultivation of embodied presence. Please take a look at the CALENDAR for a list of the latest offerings.


I offer one-to-one online support in my capacity as a Somatic Movement Educator and employ a relational and integrative approach to embodiment that encompasses dimensions of psyche, body and soul. I draw on a wide range of therapeutic modalities and perspectives in offering this support, which can be one-off or for a (set) series of sessions to address, explore or work with specific issues.

I charge £45 per hour and am happy to offer concessionary rates to be discussed where this fee presents an obstacle. I also offer a free 20 minute chat for working out whether we are a good fit and whether the support I can offer will meet your needs.

Please get in touch through the contact from on this website for more information or to arrange a chat.

"Working with Astrid helps me to better understand myself. Understand and then release what is being held in my body; unconsciously held and habitually held. Ways I'm bracing myself, tensing, armouring.

Astrid listens and observes. She gives me time and full attention. My needs are respected: she asks me what I need, she respects my answers.

Astrid has a number of ways that she works with me. Sometimes a simple question about my chosen words or my posture or movement unlocks a tension in me. Sometimes a bodywork technique unlocks a previously contracted and seemingly out of reach habit. Bringing what was in the darkness into the light. Astrid holds what is important with a light touch and a buoyancy of spirit."

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