Re-membering ourselves from the ground up

A two-day immersion: tending to our roots and

the creative spark at the centre of our being 

23 & 24 April 2022
10am - 5pm

Newton & Bywell, Northumberland, NE43 7UL

"These are our roots. A tree can only renew itself
through its roots."
--von Franz

Modern culture and the pace and pressures of modern life leave little time and give little emphasis to the importance of tending to our roots - that which sustains us - and the unique spark at the centre of our being that fans the creative fire fuelling our growth.

And yet, tending to that which sustains is crucial to our ability to strengthen those roots and feel secure, held and nourished in our creative unfolding, throughout challenging as well as enriching times.

Over this two-day immersion, we will connect with the body’s knowing, the wisdom of the heart and our mythic imagination to reconnect with and explore:

  • Our roots – the elements in our lives that are elemental to our sense of belonging, being, place in the world and give shape, meaning and substance to our lives

  • The interconnectedness between our roots and purpose – the spark and creative impulse at the core of our being and lives

This exploring will be supported by a range of practices, foremost of which are somatic movement, active imagination, deep inner listening, metaphor, improvisation, creative expression, dialoguing and reflection.

Held over two days, the workshop will run from 10am - 5pm each day (4:30pm Sunday). Open to all - i.e. no experience required - the workshop will be limited to a small group size to allow for a rich and meaningful journey.

Course fee: £130 / £90 / £70 concessions, according to your means


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