Sunday, 27 May

Ryton Village Hall, Shrewsbury

10:00 - 13:00 


This short hands-on introduction to mindfulness and meditation is designed to provide both a conceptual and experiential understanding of these life-changing practices that will allow you to start incorporating them directly in your everyday life and reaping their benefits.

Mindfulness is the process of being fully present and aware of our experience on a moment-by-moment basis, without judgement. The act of paying attention in this way is simple, but not always easy. It can be trained and developed over time through meditation – the formal practice of mindfulness. This practice literally rewires our brains and changes how we relate to experience, brings more calm and happiness into our lives, makes us more effective and efficient, and connects us with our inherent creativity, wisdom and capacity for full potential living across all dimensions of life.

Recent advances in neuroscience have given us new insights into how the brain works, and have proven mindfulness and meditation to be an essential part of every successful and effective person’s toolkit.


The session is designed for beginners and will involve guided instruction, group dialogue and exploration, as well as practical mindfulness and meditation exercises.

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