7 & 8 July

Buddhist Centre, Birmingham

10:00 – 17:00


​Connecting with the body of knowledge

Many of us think of the body as merely a vehicle for carrying around our precious brain. As Ken Robinson famously once said, “We think of our bodies as a vehicle to get our brain to meetings”.

The truth – as increasingly evidenced and backed by modern science – is  that our Soma,  the physical body and the neurological network embedded in it, contains a number of intelligence systems, each with their own kind of awareness and knowledge.

That is, the totality of what comprises a human being goes far beyond the conventional mechanistic conception of the body and mind and comprises a complex multidimensional embodied intelligence inherent to which is a silent level of knowledge, meaning and responsiveness not accessible through rational thought.

Our health and well-being depend on our ability to not only acknowledge this reality, but to connect with, bring into awareness and be responsive to it.

Coming home to the Soma and cultivating embodied awareness allows us to open to these intelligence systems and our body of knowledge and truth.  This in turn allows us to integrate our somatic and psychic realities and open a creative dialogue between conscious and unconscious processes.

Over the course of this two-day workshop we will take a playful and gradual approach to connecting with, exploring and deepening our relationship with the body. The workshop will draw on a range of somatic movement practices, including Authentic Movement, movement improvisation and creative expression as we learn to listen deeply to our body’s cues and cultivate our capacity for non-judgemental witnessing.​


This is a workshop suitable for everyone who loves to move and explore - no previous experience required.

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