22 February 2020
10:30 - 17:00
Friends Meeting House
Wedmore Vale
Bristol BS3 5HX
£45 / £35
Befriending the the ground of being -
Journeys of embodiment

A somatic & authentic movement 

inspired exploration of the ground of being
- journeys of embodiment


This is a day-long introductory workshop exploring and befriending the very ground of our being - body, breath and bones – a journey of embodiment, drawing on somatic movement, expressive art and integrative bodywork.

Western thought, and culture is imbued with the ‘body – mind’ split, which goes right back to Plato’s view of the mind being wholly separate from the corporeal body.

Ancient traditions and, ever increasingly, latest insights from neuroscience, neurobiology and psychology, are increasingly pointing toward the unity of body and mind, and the misleading effects of treating them as separate.

In the context of everyday life, the view of a body-mind split is putting us ever-more into a place of disconnection, alienation and feeling lost as we try to negotiate the challenges presented by the modern world.

This workshop offers an opportunity to explore, revisit or deepen your own personal understanding and experience of yourself as a bodymind rather than a body and a mind.

This introductory workshop is designed to be grounding and spacious, and to allow you to connect with and own the totality of your bodymind in whatever way it manifests for you.

An experiment in action – suitable for everyone


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