What people say - a selection

" ...an informed door into a world I hadn’t yet visited and that brought peace!”

"The course delivered beyond expectations – loved it, very well presented, safe space, very much appreciated the group"


"This may have been an 8-week journey – but it has changed the course of my entire life.”

“A life changing course and Astrid is fantastic! The course has changed a tremendous amount for me.”

"The workshop I attended with Astrid was powerful. I felt safely held and found myself led somewhere surprising I didn’t expect to go. She is a wonderful, gifted teacher and facilitator who helped me regain a connection with my body and heart."

“This course has changed my life so much for the better. I now know that my life has just started and the future is exciting now. It has taught me to stay in the moment and take care of myself.  It has helped me to realise that I am important. It has made me far more confident in myself.”

“From fear and negative self-judgement to calm kindness in eight weeks!”

“I was so impressed with the quality of delivery, pace and depth of your teaching.”

“... I’m actually surprised that after many years of struggling with depression something as simple as mindfulness has had such an impact and that I’m actually feeling so much better. Thank you for restoring some peace to my life”

"The course has been extremely helpful and provided me with a completely new outlook for navigating the challenges of day-to-day living. Has been an eye-opener and delivered with much competence, kindness and spirit.”

“It has been a pleasure to see a ‘new vision’ of the world and gain a grounding which empowers me in relating to it.”

“I learned to centre myself in the present which has led to many changes – a life changing experience I would highly recommend.”

"Working with Astrid helps me to better understand myself. Understand and then release what is being held in my body; unconsciously held and habitually held. Ways I'm bracing myself, tensing, armouring.

Astrid listens and observes. She gives me time and full attention. My needs are respected: she asks me what I need, she respects my answers.

Astrid has a number of ways that she works with me. Sometimes a simple question about my chosen words or my posture or movement unlocks a tension in me. Sometimes a bodywork technique unlocks a previously contracted and seemingly out of reach habit. Bringing what was in the darkness into the light. Astrid holds what is important with a light touch and a buoyancy of spirit."