Adventures in movement and imagination

Drop-in sessions, ongoing, online
Sunday mornings & evenings GMT

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These Sunday sessions are an opportunity to come home to ourselves, ground in the body and imagination, and resource and connect with our deeper self through movement, improvisation, dialogue, active imagination and creative expression.

​An opportunity to explore, check in with ourselves and re-align with our inner compass, with what's unfolding, needs release, nourishment and attention. 

Each session will be centred around a specific theme and the invitation to connect with what’s alive in us and seeks expression. The sessions include time for grounding in the body, weaving a safe and supportive space, movement exploration, journaling/drawing, dialoguing, reflection and integration.

These sessions are suitable for everyone - no experience required.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have

or for more information.

Suggested donation: £0 - £25 according to your means, and any amount is acceptable