11 November

Dance Space

Bristol BS1 2LE

13:30 – 17:00

£30 / £20

What the Body Knows


Living with greater choice and creativity –

a dynamic movement inquiry into the range of our (movement) potential

Our soma, the living, sensate and conscious body, represents the embodiment of our experience, history and conditioning, as well as our habitual ways of relating to the world.

Not only that, but the body moves as the mind does and the mind moves as the body does – they are each expressions of the other.

​Exploring different and novel ways of moving and hence of responding to the world around us simultaneously acts on our neurology, expands our mind and awareness, opens up greater choice and creativity for moving in the world, and connects us with our body’s inherent intelligence.

​During this short, dynamic workshop we will move, play and explore the shape of our habitual conditioned movements, behaviours and responses, and actively inquiring into new and different ways of being and doing. In doing so, we will gradually start developing an embodied connection with our body’s inherent intelligence and to explore the many different ways of creatively moving and responding to what life throws at us available to us.

No experience required – all welcome

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